Trine 2 – More giant toads and rainbows

Trine was a 2D yet 3D platform puzzler, in which you controlled 3 different characters each with unique skills, as they fight/swing/levitate their way across a traditional fantasy world. It was really charming, had simply gorgeous visuals and had some really clever little physics-based puzzles. I was sold on it from the demo, but I went and bought it from Steam as soon as it was out and played through it both by myself, and with my 10 year old cousin in the local co-op feature (I was on the keyboard, while she used a 360 gamepad). The only thing it was lacking was online co-op, which the game would have benefited hugely from. Apparently, Trine 2 will have such a feature, and its going to be great.

There was a trailer released at E3 and it looks to continue the story of the knight, thief and wizard, though how exactly they’ll justify them getting back together will be amusing, since if I remember rightly they managed to separate themselves at the end of the first game, after the ridiculously difficult final level. Not that it matters, I just want more cool physics puzzles to jump around in and I’ve never seen such a quality looking giant toad in a game before. The original Trine only came out on the Playstation Network and the PC, so I hope this time they release it on XBLA since it’d fit in very nicely. Though again, I’m mostly interested in the PC version, since it’ll clearly be the prettiest.

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