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Review – Alan Wake: The Signal

Alan Wake: The Signal

If you were one of the super smart people like us who bought Alan Wake brand new, you should have found a voucher code thingy inside the box for your game, entitling you to a free download of the first episode of downloadable content for the game when it became available. A few long months later, the aforementioned episode ‘The Signal’ was finally released just the other day, and so I delved right in.


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The Signal – Alan Wake’s newest episode is available now!

Alan Wake - The Signal

If you bought and played Alan Wake when it was released earlier this year, then you may by pleased to hear that the first episode of downloadable content has just been made available on Xbox Live! It gets better though, because if you bought the game brand new you are able to download it absolutely free! (or for 560 Microsoft Points if you went for a pre-owned offering of the game instead).

According to descriptions, this first episode entitled ‘The Signal’ continues the story of Alan Wake’s twisted mind right where the main game left off, and allows us to delve even deeper into the utterly insane world being created in his own mind.


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