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Canine Companions – Gaming’s Top 5 Dogs

I’ve always had a strange affinity with pooches. I just really love dogs. So, naturally, I really like it when a game features a hound or two. Some of my fondest ‘growing-up’ memories in life involved playing with my dog Molly, so its no surprise that I have a few favourite virtual mutts to go along with them. Here are my top five.


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Life After Aperture – I scratch my back, I scratch mine

After Aperture

As gamers, we all like to imagine at one point or another what the characters and events in our favourite games would be like in the shape of a live-action production, whether it be the Halo movie that Peter Jackson was going to direct before it died on its arse, or the strong possibility of a Mass Effect movie, which by all means could still flop around on the floor like a dying fish out of water. But, isn’t that precisely what almost all big-budget video game movies are? Fortunately, there are always individuals who are willing to make unlicensed, short indie films based on the games we know and love, entirely for fun and not for the sake of making millions. Outside Aperture is a great example, and entirely worthy of your time.


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The Boy Who Stole Half-Life 2 – Eurogamer

Eurogamer have an interesting article chronicling the story of Axel Gembe, the German hacker responsible for breaking into Valve’s network and releasing the source code for the then-unfinished Half Life 2 back in 2003. This is the first time we’re able to hear the story from his point of view, and it outlines the entire event pretty well. Check it out over at Eurogamer.net. The story of Half Life 2’s development is pretty much a legend among PC gamers and its weird hearing this story so many years down the line. Who remembers that early screenshot? Ah, good memories… Read More ››

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