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Review – Singularity

Singularity was largely ignored when it released in June last year, but after an impressive-looking trailer and finding out Raven Software (Soldier of Fortune 2, Quake 4) were behind it, I had enough reason to be intrigued. Thanks to Activision’s new policy of “ignore it if it isn’t Call of Duty”, the game whimpered onto the market and sold about 7 copies. It took me until Steam’s Christmas sale to buy it, because it wasn’t in any stores and the ones that did have it were stupidly overpriced, even online. Its a real pity because here is a game that has clearly been influenced by some of the most high-profile first-person shooters in recent years, and has managed to develop their ideas into a solid, entertaining experience, and one that deserves an audience.


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Currently Playing – Singularity, GTA 4 & Cataclysm

Who needs New Years Resolutions anyway? A sensible one for me to make would have been “stop playing 12 games at the same time”, but no such vow was made and here I am yet again with multiple games on the go. I’ve been trekking through New Vegas since it was released, and still haven’t seen everything in the wasteland. I bought Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and the GTA 4 collection during the amazing Steam christmas sales – I have barely touched the former, but i did finally play through the latter – after starting Niko Bellic’s story 3 times in the past, I have at long last seen how it ends and I utterly loved it. Meanwhile, Singularity is proving to be a fun mish-mash of various modern shooter ideas rolled together to create something new. And then there’s that quaint MMO expansion that a few people are playing lately. Apparantly it has a dragon in it…


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