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Halo Reach or Halo Wretch?

Halo Reach

How time flies! One day you’re sitting with no new games to play, the next you’re playing Halo Reach on Xbox 360, and before you know it, it’s 3 weeks after you’ve finished it and you somehow still haven’t written any whatsoever about it on your blog. Not sure if that says anything about what I thought about the game, but to be honest, it most likely just says a lot about how lazy I really can be. I mean, avoiding going to a gym or going for a run when I’m starting to get a Santa belly (good timing, mind) is bad enough, but failing to type a few simple paragraphs about a video game I sat on my arse and played for a week is just the pinnacle of fat, lazy, slobbishness!

Well, at least I finally got around to it now…


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Halo Reach incoming…

Ever heard of Halo? Yeah, they’ve made a new one. It’s quite good apparantly. All the TV adverts are hideously pretentious and rubbish so here’s an old trailer which came out ages ago instead. Paul and I will probably get this and play the co-op which has always been the best feature of this massively-overrated franchise. It’s out tomorrow.


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