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Review – Bulletstorm


Most FPS games in the history of FPS games fall into one main category. You guessed it, the FPS category. Say ‘First Person Shooter’ to somebody and they will likely picture the same thing, regardless of what game it is; running around, jumping around, crawling around, and well, walking around, shooting endless enemies with a range of same-old, same-old weapons. Bulletstorm, however, brought a whole new set of ideas to the existing FPS template, and boy did it do it bloody well.


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Unreal – coolest tech demo ever?

Unreal have revealed what their new engine will be capable of. Many games have used the Unreal engines as their backbone (Bioshock, Batman Arkham Asylum, Bulletstorm to name a few recent ones) so its hard to contain the excited yelps when you see a video like this. New lighting effects, ‘bokeh’ depth of field, and lots of other phrases for “snazzier graphics” mean the next generation should be suitably prettified.


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