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A Perfect Society Built on Achievement Points…

Imagine if real life had an achievement system. Imagine if you could earn ‘points’ for helping around your neighbourhood, which you could then spend on various rewards, such as movie tickets, or a free flight, or a brand new tv. Different acts would have to be valued and assigned a certain reward. Litter picking could grant a small amount of points whereas volunteering at a homeless shelter would surely deserve a bigger prize. The most startling thing about this is that I may not have to imagine this for much longer. Apparantly, my local council is trying to finalise plans to introduce this system sometime in the near future.


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Addicted to Achievements

Achievement Unlocked

What makes you want to finish a video game? Just getting to the end of it is usually enough to satisfy most people to the point that they will happily trade it in for a new one right away, because, well – apart from multiplayer – there’s nothing left to do once you’ve completed it, right?

Don’t be stupid, of course there is!


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