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Football Manager – My addiction

Football Manager 2011

Guest Article : Richard Chapman

Picture the scene. It’s a wet and windy Tuesday night in High Wycombe as Wycombe Wanderers play host to Torquay United in a mid-table League 2 clash. As the clock ticks into the final minute of injury time the hosts concede a needless corner. The ball is crossed in high through the driving Buckinghamshire rain as a Torquay striker peels away from his marker to power in a heart-breaking late equalizer. The home manager slumps back into his seat, his head falls into his hands as a stream of expletives rush from his mouth.

In reality I can imagine this scene is quite different from the one you have just pictured. The home manager in question is not sat on the home-sides bench; he’s sat in my living room, still with his head in his hands, and still turning the air blue at his players’ late capitulation. I am that home-team manager, and I am addicted to Football Manager.


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