Quantic Dream’s Kara

Enigmatic game designer David Cage has revealed what his studio is working on next, and it looks rather good. The developer of Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit did something similar a few years ago, releasing The Casting, which was a short tech-demo piece showing off the kind of experience you could expect from their first outing on the PS3. We can only assume the same applies here – Kara is not a game trailer, but a showcase of what advancements they have made and gives a feel of the new game they are working on. It involves robots!

We don’t know much more than that really. The game itself hasn’t been announced, but its comforting to know that there is a new game in the making. Quantic Dream are one of the more interesting developers out there simply because they are genuinely inventing the ‘interactive drama’ genre almost single handedly.

Eurogamer have a good article about it over here, or you can watch the video itself below.

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