Holiday from Hell – Dead Island out this Week

Dead Island is out in the UK tomorrow. It was released in America a few days ago in what can only be described as a major balls-up whereby the developers unfinished test build was released for anyone who ordered it on Steam. Oops. Hopefully, the day one patch which came along shortly after has fixed all of those shenanigans and we’ll be able to play the game the way it was meant to be played. I was mostly curious to find out if it contained even a hint of the emotional heartbreak shown in that infamous trailer, but after the slew of hugely varied reviews, it certainly seems unlikely. The game does allow you to chop off zombie’s individual arms though.

Seriously, this game features some horrifically brutal and gory melee combat. If you’re playing with a gamepad, you can switch on ‘analog-combat’ which lets you swing your boat oar/crowbar/sword with ultimate precision. If you target a zombie’s arm, you can disable it by breaking it at the elbow, after which it will dangle there uselessly. Break the other arm, and the zombie will stagger towards you and use the only weapon it has left: its head. It’s hilarious, and sick, and oh-so-satisfying.

With such mixed reviews, I’m undecided whether to get this or not, but I’m very tempted. I thought I’d had my fill of zombie games, but the more gameplay I see of this, the more my interest gets reignited. Open world zombie survival on a tropical island setting might just be too hard to resist.

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