Bioshock Infinite – First gameplay footage!

Wowzers. The first glimpse of gameplay from the upcoming Bioshock Infinite is out. Click below for 10 minutes of highly scripted in-engine footage.

Hell. Yes.

So, some immediate observations – it certainly feels like a Bioshock game. Theres a definite sense of oppression, and contrasting political views from all the signs and banners strewn all over the place, reflecting the Andrew Ryan propaganda of Rapture quite nicely. The main character speaks this time, which is certainly a contrast to the completely silent protagonists of the first two Bioshock games. Plasmid powers (or at least some kind of Columbia-equivalent) seem to play an important role in the gameplay again. We also see the character use a few conventional guns, and a grapple hook gadget of some kind used to zip around suspended tracks connecting the floating buildings, which looks like awesome fun. The biggest eye-brow-raiser is Elizabeth, however… who is she, I wonder? She demonstrates some hefty powers in this footage which she apparantly combines with your own to take on particularly tough enemies – friggin lightning cloud combo!

The giant big-daddy-robo-bird at the end gave me shivers…

I cannot wait to see more of this.

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