The Humble Introversion Bundle

It’s once again time to get some fantastic games for almost no money. The latest Humble Bundle is out, and it contains all of Introversion’s back catalogue. So, if you don’t already own Uplink, Darwinia, Defcon, or Multiwinia, and would be willing to part with a single quid (or indeed, less), check it out. The company has been struggling to survive for the last few years, so I truly hope this makes them a crapton of money so they can continue making Subversion, which they had to abandon recently. Amusing trailer is below.

It goes without saying that this is a brilliant deal, as the Humble Bundles always are. I’m especially keen about this one because Introversion have never made a bad game, and yet financially they have been struggling to make ends meat for quite some time now. Its easy to forget that not every indie developer makes it big. With the most harrowing nuclear war simulator ever made (Defcon), and the charming, underrated Multiwinia under their belts, I just wish they make enough money to keep going. Subversion looked as though it was going to be another superbly quirky addition to their library, and I’m gutted they had to cease development for the simple reason they ran out of money. Without guys like this, the games’ industry will just get more stagnant, and we’ll be left with nothing but Call of Duty 19 and The Sims 27. That’s not a future I like the sound of.

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