Max Payne 3 – First In-Game Trailer

Remedy are out, and Rockstar are in. Old Max is out, and bald Max is in. The first gameplay footage of Max Payne 3 has been released, and you can see it below, along with some thoughts…

I don’t know, really. It just doesn’t feel right… Max Payne was always a hard boiled New York cop seeking revenge for his murdered family, and the setting and film-noir style presentation were just so iconic to this story, seeing Max all bald and running around sunny gangland territory shooting up thugs seems like a completely unnecessary change of pace. He is still shooting people though, which was always the best thing about the original games (bullet time, man). And they do at least seem to have the same voice actor, and the somber violin melody from Max Payne 2 gave me a nostalgic shiver.

It’s Rockstar, so I’m confident it’ll be well-made and fun to play. I just don’t expect it to be as good as Remedy’s original games.

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