Zeno Clash is Cheap! Also, Rock of Ages Trailer

Zeno Clash is on a sale over at Steam this weekend. The indie FPS melee brawler set in a tribal punk fantasy world features some of the most brutal and satisfying melee combat in any modern game. The tale it weaves is surprisingly charming too, featuring a host of weird characters and some gorgeous visual design. The developers, Team Ace, have a new game out soon too, and its about a giant rock bowling through time and smashing stuff up. Talk about a change of pace…

Built in the Source engine, Zeno Clash has the proud honour of being absolutely nothing like a Valve game. The locations you pass through are constantly stunning and I was really impressed with how much detail went into its world – for example, you won’t ever see a duplicate character, save for a few animal enemies. Almost every humanoid character you fight with is uniquely modeled, which is extremely rare for a game thats been built by such a small studio. It’s full of humour too, some of it deliciously twisted and dark. And I can’t praise the brutality of the melee combat enough – new games like Dead Island look disappointingly flimsy when it comes to FPS melee combat, so why is it a small indie team managed to get it perfect 3 years ago? Definitely check it out: for just under 3 quid, its a real bargain.

But if you’re curious about this rock bowling game, there’s a trailer below. It looks like marble madness crossed with a tower defense game full of the crazy physics destruction of a FlatOut race. It looks original, at least.

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