We’re 1 Today!

Blimey. An entire year of gaming-related ramblings and ravings, the odd review, and those three rants… It’s been such a fun year, we’ve decided to carry on a while longer and see what happens. If you’ve ever read our words, cheers. If this is your first visit, well, sorry it had to be one of these annoying self-indulgent birthday messages. Just come back again tomorrow.

We’re surprised we’ve even managed to keep this little experiment going, after numerous other failed projects, this is the one that’s stuck. And there’s more to come. Much like a human one-year-old, we’re still finding our feet, and slowly but surely we’re tweaking the site: little things like the broken archives, About page, and some behind-the-scenes fixes to our custom themes (glorious WordPress makes this process quite easy, just time consuming!). And who knows, maybe we’ll find some new and awesome reason for you to keep coming back. I’m thinking more Minecraft posts…

Anyway, I think that’ll do. So again, thanks for reading our little nerdy blog. Hopefully we’ll see you next year. Here’s a Celebratory Victory Pug.

Celebratory Victory Pug.

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