Fancy Pants Adventures – Now on Consoles

Well here’s a little success story that makes me happy. Fancy Pants Adventure was one of the best flash games of its kind, and it was created entirely by a single man. Brad Borne is both an excellent programmer and animator, which is a rare thing, so it’s no wonder he was snapped up by EA to work on some 2D projects. His quirky platformer is now available on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network and I played it for a bit at the weekend…

After being hired by EA to make the excellent Mirrors Edge 2D, Borne seems to have been working hard on the console version of Fancy Pants Adventure. This time, with the full help of EA behind him the game has been able to expand substantially, with a whole host of new features such as 4-player co-op, melee weapons, and fully customisable characters with collectible items. It still has the same charm and style the original flashn games has, but seeing it on a proper HD tv and controlling with a 360 gamepad is undoubtedly the best way to experience it.

I hope this sells lots because its brilliant. In the vein of Super Mario Bros Wii, having 4 friends running around semi-competing to complete each level is pure chaotic fun. Check out the trailer below.

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