Top Ten of 2010 – 9. Just Cause 2

Top Ten of 2010 - 9. Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 is essentially an international super-spy-sim. Just think about all the amazingly stupendous and wacky scenes of coolness from any of your favourite spy movies, and then imagine being able to play tons of them out at your leisure. This is the ultimate secret-agent-super-hero game of 2010, and possibly ever.

I loved the first Just Cause, and must have wasted dozens of hours simply messing about in the enormous sandbox world, flying planes and helicopters to the top of the highest mountain, racing around in speedboats, bombing around in all manner of car or tank, and most importantly, skydiving off of absolutely anything!

Add to that a vast improvement to graphics, scale, combat, and vehicles – and not to mention the ability to hook any two things in the world together for infinite comedy value – and you have yourself a brilliant sequel that builds on an already outstanding concept. Just Cause 2 is a superb game that, despite having a severely ridiculous story with no really significant plot, manages to pull off everything it intends to with near perfection. There was no end to the fun I could have had playing as an international super ridicu-spy, so much so that the only reason I stopped playing it was because there was so bloody much to do, that I don’t think I would have had a hope in hell of completing it all even by now!

One of my personal favourite games of the year and well worthy of it’s place in the BcR top ten games of 2010.

Just Cause 2

Soaring high above the earth while throwing a pilot out of his aircraft is a real joy to behold

I had more raw fun playing Just Cause 2 than any other game of 2010, and its not hard to see why. Take a look at any screenshot or video and you’ll see Rico Rodriguez performing all manner of ridiculous stunts from leaping off a bridge into a mile-high canyon, to grapple hooking his way up the side of a skyscraper, to hijacking helicopters in mid-air. You can even stand on a jumbo jet while it takes off.

The story of overthrowing the evil dictator (bearing no small resemblance to Kim Jong Il, naturally) was as ludicrous as you’d expect from a game as openly nuts as this. The fact its also one of the most beautiful game worlds in existence is a great bonus.

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