StarCraft 2 – It’s very nearly here…

I never actually played the original StarCraft, and so I’m not that excited about the ridiculously-long-awaited-and-hyped-to-shit sequel, but any follow-up to the game that became a national sport in South Korea is worthy of attention, especially since it’s out on Tuesday. That, and I’m a sucker for Blizzard’s truly masterful CGI animation, of which the newest trailer is mostly made up of.

Blizzard have apparantly banned any reviews of this being made public until the game is officially out. This has been happening a few times recently (APB did it last month). There’s definitely something dodgey about not allowing any reviews to be released before a game comes out. Since this is Blizzard, it’s a damn safe bet the game will be highly polished and is gonna sell by the bucketload, so theres very little risk of them losing much money due to a couple of negative reviews before its launch, but the principle of physically trying to control what critics have to say about a game always makes me a bit suspicious. Blizzard’s justification is due to their BattleNet service not going live until the game is out, so anyone with an early copy who attempts to play the game before then won’t be getting the genuine experience they would if they did have access to all the features of BattleNet (in fact, I don’t think anyone can play the game at all right now, until they flick the big red ‘on’ button). This makes sense to me, but is it naive to wonder why they couldn’t just open up the service a few days before, allowing reviewers and whatnot to try it? It’s pretty common practice to see a heap of reviews for a game out there on all the regular sites a few days (sometimes weeks) before a game comes out, and a lot of people rely on them to decide whether or not to buy a game in the first place.

But then this is Blizzard, and we all know they can do whatever the damn hell they like, so who’s gonna argue? That, and I’m positive StarCraft 2 is still going to be an awesome game. Drool at the lovely CGI below:

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